Sutcliffe Park Update

Sutcliffe Park
The new indoor training hall and weights/conditioning room will finally open at Sutcliffe on Jan 2nd. This will mark an exciting new chapter for the club and we hope to be able to make maximal use of the new facility. Opening times for the hall will generally be Tuesday and Thursday evenings plus weekends. There will be some day time use and we are hoping a weekly programme will be produced shortly so athletes and coaches can see what slots are available. At the same time the outdoor track will become available seven days a week (9am 9pm during the week and 9am 6pm at weekends). Use of the conditioning room is for over 16s only and athletes will need to be accompanied by their coach. Prices however will be going up. The club has fought hard to keep rises to a minimum and are particularly conscious of the effect on distance runners who are less likely to make use of any of the new facilities. Initial proposals by Greenwich council and GLL the operators included a doubling of some prices, but they have seen some sense and brought these down to the following

Casual use subject to availability Adult Junior(u16)
Member in borough (Greenwich) 4.00 2.50
Non-Member in borough (Greenwich) 5.25 3.25
Member out of borough 4.25 2.75
Non-Member out of borough 5.50 3.50
Inclusive 3.25 1.75
  Annual Track membership   7.20   4.10

Athletics Direct Debit(DD) or Annual Subscription
DD Annual Joining Fee
Athletics Adult DD 29.95 359.40 15.00
Athletics Student DD 24.95 299.40 15.00
Athletics Junior DD 15.00 180.00 15.00
Inclusive DD 19.95 239.40 15.00

We havent given up on getting some of the prices down further but in the meantime for those training twice a week or more then the Direct Debit options look the best and your card will allow you access to the track via the entrance next to the clubroom. For those training once a week or less best option would appear to be to buy an annual track membership (7.20/4.10) then pay the member rate each time you train. Entrance for pay and you go will be via the new main entrance opposite Kidbrooke Park Road. To qualify for the in-Borough rates you need to either work, live or be at School/College in Greenwich. We expect GLL to be much stricter on control of admission from January operating a no card no reduction policy for athletes and we expect reception to be very busy with people sorting out memberships, so you are advised to get to the track early, for parents and spectators there should be no charge as normal.

The car park should open soon but charges are likely to be 1 an hour so guess we will all still be looking for spaces on Eltham Rd. At the same time the centre will be busier as the climbing centre and skate park should be open for use maybe they will use the car park!