Cambridge Harriers 7.5 Mile XC Championship Race

Joyden's Wood, Bexley
James MacDonald won the Club 7.5 for the second year running with Andy Whelan, making his first ever cross country appearance, in second place. James and Andy broke clear from a group of Dartford Harriers after the first small lap and ran the next two large laps together before James put the hammer down in the last lap to win by a minute. Steve Groom ran a well paced race to work his way through to 6th and the club bronze medal. Fourth Cambridge was another new member, David Worden in 11th place. A strong team performance but in the recently inaugurated team competition we lost out to Dartford Harriers (3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th) by just a single point.

The women's race was won by Anoushka Johnson (yet again) with Chloe and Sally Haffenden in second and third places. First Cambridge lady was Megan Williams finishing just clear of Sue Dixon.

It was another excellent turnout: a starting field of 85 included 17 of our men and 6 of our women. As usual the event was well supported by Dartford Harriers and Bexley AC, but there were also runners form many other clubs who have come less often in the past; it was a pleasure to welcome members of Medway & Maidstone, Beckenham, Orpington and many others to our clubhouse for cake and bacon rolls after the race.

Remember the next and final one of these races for the season will be on 17th February, and this year we have a new competition! The Joyden's Wood Trophy will be awarded to the club runner with the best overall performance over all three races. Currently it is all to play for: Christian Poulton leads Steve Groom by a tiny margin with Mark Penny not far behind.

The recent rain had left the course nice and muddy as was testified by the footware left outside the clubhouse looking more like shapeless lumps of mud than shoes. In the circumstances it is hardly surprising that when Jon Hunter of Bexley got home and started to wash the mud off he discovered that they were not his shoes at all! Please check yours once you have got the mud off, perhaps you have his and he has yours?


Pos. Time Athlete Club M/F
1 46:54 James MacDonald Cambridge Harriers M
2 47:53 Andrew Whelan Cambridge Harriers M
3 48:11 Chris Biddle Dartford Harriers M
4 49:26 Andy Pickett Dartford Harriers M
5 50:43 Kieran Hughes Dartford Harriers M
6 51:01 Steve Groom Cambridge Harriers M
7 51:05 Reuben Burford Dartford Harriers M
8 52:24 Jack Higgins Bexley M
9 52:36 Tony Durey Dartford Harriers M
10 52:55 Ted Higgins Bexley M
11 53:06 David Worden Cambridge Harriers M
12 53:12 Derren May Dartford Harriers M
13 53:22 Jamie Higgins Bexley M
14 53:33 Paul Collier Bexley M
15 53:40 Jon Kennedy Dartford Harriers M
16 53:55 Nigel Haffenden Blackheath & Bromley M
17 54:18 Ronnie Stowell Bexley M
18 54:26 Steve Throssell Larkfield M
19 54:29 Mark Penny Cambridge Harriers M
20 54:46 Stuart Waterman Dartford Harriers M
21 54:46 Stuart McNally Dartford Harriers M
22 55:21 Mitchell Horne Bexley M
23 55:25 Ian Miller Cambridge Harriers M
24 56:00 Dean Perry Orpington RR M
25 56:16 Matthew Crane Bexley M
26 56:29 Paul Dawes Dartford Harriers M
27 56:37 Christian Poulton Cambridge Harriers M
28 56:51 Paul O'Grady Orpington RR M
29 57:20 Alan Black Cambridge Harriers M
30 57:39 Jon Hunter Bexley M
31 58:03 Anoushka Johnson Dartford Harriers F
32 58:11 Rob Dowse BRAT M
33 58:39 Chris Reid M
34 58:50 Alan Wright Bexley M
35 58:55 Graham Maynard Cambridge Harriers M
36 59:12 Steve Lawrence Bexley M
37 59:40 Dave Kitcher Cambridge Harriers M
38 59:44 Richard Costain Dartford Harriers M
39 60:35 Mark Hattley Orpington RR M
40 60:41 Mal Pires Cambridge Harriers M
41 60:53 Chloe Haffenden Petts Wood Runners F
42 60:54 Sally Haffenden Blackheath & Bromley F
43 61:15 Mark Selfridge Orpington RR M
44 61:31 Mark Collier M
45 62:03 Mick Brockwell Orpington RR M
46 62:12 Andrew Archer Istead & Ifield M
47 62:53 Clem Dixon Cambridge Harriers M
48 63:09 Keith Hughes Dartford Harriers M
49 63:38 Bernadette Harrop Medway & Maidstone F
50 63:55 Kate Williams Kent AC F
51 64:15 Claire Wilkins Medway & Maidstone F
52 64:19 Megan Williams Cambridge Harriers F
53 64:29 Sue Dixon Cambridge Harriers F
54 64:35 Steve Brown Cambridge Harriers M
55 65:05 Mo Fazakerley Medway & Maidstone F
56 65:08 Andrew Mahon Dartford RR M
57 65:29 Will Withecombe Beckenham M
58 65:34 Jamie Bushnell Dartford Harriers M
59 65:50 Melanie Burdett Beckenham F
60 65:55 John Crockford Gravesend M
61 67:38 Paul Ford Cambridge Harriers M
62 68:22 Kevin Winch Bexley M
63 68:52 Jim Faulkner Bexley M
64 69:19 David Greenslade M
65 69:47 Emma Brown Dartford RR F
66 70:00 Darren O'Brien Cambridge Harriers M
67 72:34 Josh Kinnaird Dartford Harriers M
68 72:47 Peter Hadley Cambridge Harriers M
69 73:11 Stephanie Wood Dartford Harriers F
70 73:31 Jodie Pearce Orpington RR F
71 73:32 Neil Williams Orpington RR M
72 74:00 Sally Carr Cambridge Harriers F
73 75:12 Sean Inman M
74 75:20 Nicola Howard Beckenham F
75 76:48 Dave Tull Cambridge Harriers M
76 77:02 Sophie Dalley BRAT F
77 77:53 Denise Peeney Bexley F
78 77:53 Paula Higgins Bexley F
79 78:10 Kate Mitchell Cambridge Harriers F
80 79:07 Renee Young Dartford Harriers F
81 79:07 Alex Valentino Dartford Harriers M
82 80:17 Angela Ford Cambridge Harriers F
83 86:54 Maria MacDonald Cambridge Harriers F
84 87:20 Clive Chipping Plumstead M