Senior Women Cross Country End of Term (Almost) Report

The cross country season is almost over so I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on how we have done this season.

The squad is growing in strength and depth although we are still very reliant on our wonderful vets. We have for the first time in years entered for races such as the Priory Relays, SEAAs and had more than one entered for the Nationals -don’t want to jinx next week! This is in no small part due to sisters Susan Dixon and Sally Carr who have between them been up for anything going including the long club races in hilly and muddy Joydens Wood. I’m hoping that more of you will feel up for joining them next season. As things stand at the moment Sue is in the lead for the Cottrell Cup one of the clubs oldest trophies.It goes to the person who has done the most cross country performances over the previous season. I don’t think she can be caught. Sally slipped back on sharing it by not being able to finish the SEAAs. This is the first time in ages that the trophy has gone to a woman. So well done her and really hard luck Sally.

We have also seen some newcomers to the squad such as Angela Ford another one of our vets. Lucy Marlow returned from pregnancy and has been regaining her form rapidly. We’ve also been joined for some races by U20s , most regularly by Shelley Clarke. Megan Williams returned from university and travelling and her efforts as last scorer for the team at the county championship were just enough to get the team of six into the bronze medal position. A real triumph for the squad. Marian Hine a former regular managed finally to escape domestic duties and work to get back to the country. Christine Bond was fit! The vets have been the back bone of the team not only because of their loyalty in turning out but also in supporting teammates. Most important of all we look like we are enjoying ourselves!

So to our triumphs - the bronze at the Kent County championship for the team of six - Lucy Marlow, Emily Meins, Christine Bond, Sue Dixon, Rose Baker and Megan Williams. This meant that club cross country champion was Lucy with silver to Emily and bronze to vet Christine. We introduced a Grand Prix for the five Kent races (league and champs) which goes to Christine Bond. The scoring table is attached. I wonder whether we might extend the Grand Prix next year to add in the SEAAs and the Nationals- thoughts please. In the Kent League the team of three finished overall in 6th out of 21in the three to score and 5th out of 14 in the six to score. A pretty creditable performance so well done all. In the overall individual standings in the Kent League we had several top ten places. The best overall performance was by Maria Macdonald who came 2nd in the 65+ category. Christine, Sue D and Sally were 5th,6th and 7th in the 45-54 category and Susan Edwards was 8th in the 55-64s. Our best individual performance in a race came from Caroline Ford who was 3rd at Danson Park in her one appearance over the country this season. Finally although not a race the club entered we really should applaud Rose Baker’s 4th in the Himalayan 100 mile race. Great job one and all!.

KL1 KL2 KL3 Kent Champs KL4 Total Best 4 Races
CHRISTINE BOND 17 18 19 18 16 88 72
SUSAN DIXON 18 17 15 17 17 84 69
SALLY CARR 15 16 13 14 15 73 60
LUCY MARLOW 17 20 20 57 57
ROSE BAKER 19 18 16 53 53
ANGELA FORD 11 10 7 13 41 41
EMILY GELDER 20 19 39 39
EMILY MEINS 19 18 37 37
SUSAN EDWARDS 12 12 12 36 36
FRANCIS NESTOR 11 11 14 36 36
MOLLY HAWKINS 14 19 33 33
MEGAN WILLIAMS 16 15 31 31
MARIAN HINE 16 14 30 30
DONNA MARTIN 14 15 29 29
MARIA MACDONALD 10 9 10 29 29
KATE MITCHELL 13 13 26 26
ELLA NEWTON 20 20 20
CARLY MARTIN 9 8 17 17

The last race is the national championship at Parliament Hill. Good luck everyone!