Club Rules


The name of the Club shall be 'Cambridge Harriers'. (Hereinafter called 'The Club').


The object of the Club shall be the encouragement and promotion of Amateur Athletics


a) The Club colours shall be light blue vests with black trimmings and black shorts.

b) The Club badge shall be a double triangle surrounded by a circle with the letters 'C.H.' in the centre.

c) Club colours shall be worn in all competitions when representing the Club.


The Club shall be affiliated to the Athletic Association of England, South of England Athletic Association, Kent County Athletic Association and other such bodies as the Committee shall decide.


a) The management of the Club shall be vested in a Committee to be elected at the Annual General Meeting consisting of the President, President Elect, Past Presidents, Vice Presidents, Hon. General Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, the Secretaries of Sections or their deputies, Membership, Social, Funds, Coaching Co-ordinator, Publicity Officer, Child Protection Officer, Magazine Editor and Christmas Draw Organiser, together with a maximum of nine first claim members, not less than three of whom shall be representatives of the Ladies' Section.

b) In the event of any elected member of the Committee failing to attend three consecutive meetings, this may be considered equivalent to resignation from the Committee. The Committee has the power to fill the vacancy and any person so elected shall retain office until the next Annual General Meeting.

c) The Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees and to delegate to them such powers as may be necessary, and to include in such sub-committees persons who are not members of the Committee.

d) The Committee shall meet at least once every two months and seven persons shall constitute a quorum.

e) A President Elect shall be chosen at the Annual General Meeting from the Vice Presidents, Past Presidents and elected Life Members and the person so chosen, shall become the President of the Club from the date of the following Annual General Meeting until the successive Annual General Meeting.

f) A Vice Presidency may be conferred upon a member considered to have performed meritorious service to the Club.

g) Nominations for President Elect and Vice Presidents, as selected by the Presidential Sub-Committee, must be approved by the Committee prior to their election at the Annual General Meeting.


a) The activities of the Club shall be carried out by Sections, as determined by the Committee and each Section shall be responsible for the organisation of the Club activities in its own sphere.

b) Each Section shall elect a Secretary, Captain and other such officers as may be required at an annual meeting to be held not more than two months before the Club's Annual General Meeting. At least 14 days notice of such meeting shall be given in writing by the Section's Secretary to the Hon. General Secretary and a copy of such notice shall be displayed on the notice board at the Club's Headquarters. A quorum shall consist of five. Officers elected shall be notified to the Committee for approval prior to the Annual General Meeting. In the event that the Committee does not approve of the appointment of any, or all, the Officers elected by a Section, or if Officers are not elected in the manner set out above, then the matter shall be referred to the Annual General Meeting.


a) The property of the Club shall be vested in four trustees who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, and shall deal with the property as directed by the Committee.
b) The Club and its members shall at all times abide by the current regulations of "CAMBRIDGE HARRIERS AND GLENHURST TENNIS CLUB LTD."


a) The Treasurer shall deal with the Club’s monies as directed by the Committee, and two Examiners shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting to examine and report upon the accounts of the Club for the current year.

b) The financial year shall be from 1st January to the 31st December.


Annual General Meeting:

a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held within 90 days of the end of the Club's financial year.

b) Notice of the meeting, including any properly proposed motions, shall be sent to each member at least 14 days before the meeting. Written notice of all matters to be dealt with shall be forwarded to the Hon. General Secretary at least one month before the meeting and only matters on the Agenda shall be voted upon.

c) Twenty members shall constitute a quorum.

Special General Meeting:

a) A Special General Meeting may be called at the discretion of the Committee or shall be called by the Hon. General Secretary within 28 days of receipt of a requisition in writing signed by not less than twenty members stating the business to be considered at such meeting.

b) Only business referred to in the notice shall be discussed and no such meeting shall be held unless there are twenty members present by thirty minutes after the time set for the meeting.

Postal Ballot:

A postal ballot may be called at the discretion of the committee or shall be called by the Hon. General Secretary within 90 days of receipt of a requisition in writing signed by not less than twenty members stating the motion to be voted upon.

Where a postal ballot is undertaken:

a) Ballot papers shall be posted to each member's last known address at least 21 days before the closing date for receipt of completed voting papers.

b) The closing date for receipt of completed voting papers shall be clearly stated.

c) An addressed return envelope will be provided.

d) Any incomplete or mutilated ballot papers, and all ballot papers received after the closing date will be declared void.

e) Proof of postage of completed ballot papers will not be deemed to be proof of receipt.

f) The result of the ballot will be notified to all members at the earliest opportunity.

Annual and Special General Meetings and Postal Ballots:

a) Every member not in subscription arrears may attend and vote at an Annual or Special General Meeting and may vote if a Postal Ballot is undertaken.

b) All resolutions put to the vote must be approved by two thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote. The Chairman of the meeting shall decide the method of voting.

c) Where a postal ballot is undertaken all resolutions must be approved by a two thirds majority of the valid votes cast.


a) All members shall be amateurs as defined by U.K. Athletics.

b) Anyone wishing to become a member shall complete a club Application Form. The application shall be accompanied by the initial subscription and submitted to the Committee for acceptance at a properly constituted meeting for this purpose. The Committee reserve the right to make such reasonable additional enquiries as they think fit to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the applicant for membership. Applicants under 17 years of age shall require the written consent of a parent or guardian.

c) The committee shall be entitled to refuse an application for membership by any person who has previously at any time been found guilty by a recognised National or International Governing Federation of taking performance enhancing drugs.

d) Annual subscriptions shall become due on the first of January and paid by all members with the exception of Life Members (Clause (e)) and shall be calculated according to the member’s age on that date. New members joining after 30th June in any year may pay half the normal subscription for that year. The Committee is empowered to accept applications for Honorary Membership at an annual subscription as determined by the Committee.

e) A person who has performed meritorious service to the Club and who has been in continuous membership of the Club for at least five years may be elected to Life Membership. Nominations shall be approved by the Committee and passed by the Club at an Annual General Meeting.

f) The Committee may at their discretion elect as Paid-Up Life Members those who attain full Senior Great Britain International Honours.

g) Any member wishing to resign from the Club must give written notice to the Committee, who are empowered to withhold acceptance of such resignation until all financial indebtedness to the Club has been settled.

h) The Committee shall have the power to terminate forthwith the membership of any member found guilty by a recognised National or International Governing Federation of taking performance-enhancing drugs, and will exercise that power unless it considers, after taking what it, in its absolute discretion, decides are reasonable enquiries including representations from the member, that exceptional circumstances exist.

i) The Committee shall have the power to expel any member whose subscription is six months in arrears, provided a month’s notice of such course of action shall have been sent to that member by registered or recorded delivery post to the member’s last known address.


a) If it shall appear to the Club Committee that any irregularity or breach of its Constitution or other matter of concern to it may have occurred it shall at its discretion appoint an Individual (who may or may not be a Club member) or a Committee to investigate with such terms of reference as the Club Committee sees fit.

b) If it shall appear to the Club Committee that there is evidence that any person is in breach of its Constitution or if it shall appear to the Club Committee that the continued membership of the Club by any person is detrimental to the Club, the Honorary Secretary shall write to the person concerned setting out the alleged breach and invite the person in question to comment thereon in writing by a specified date which unless the Club Committee otherwise directs shall not be less than 14 days after the date the letter was sent.

c) The Club Committee shall consider the response (if any) at its next convenient meeting and if it is not satisfied that the Constitution has been observed or that the continued membership of the Club by the person in question is not in the best interests of the Club, it shall refer the matter to a Disciplinary Committee appointed by it of not less than three nor more than five people none of whom shall be directly interested in the matter otherwise than as members of the Club. The Disciplinary Committee shall make such further enquiries as it thinks fit and shall afford to the person against whom the allegation has been made a reasonable opportunity to appear before it and state his/her case and answer the allegations brought against him/her and the committee shall hear such witnesses as he/she reasonably produces and shall also allow the person against whom the allegations have been made the right to be accompanied and/or represented by a friend.

d) If it is satisfied that a breach of the Constitution has occurred the Disciplinary Committee may recommend to the Club Committee one or more of the following penalties;

i. Resolve to note the offence, but take no further action; or

ii. Warn the person concerned as to his/her future conduct and thereafter take no further action; or

iii. Suspend or disqualify the person from Athletic competition, coaching and/or administration for any period whether fixed or indefinite; or

iv. Recommend to the Regional Association that the person concerned shall be disqualified from any involvement in Athletics for any period whether fixed or indefinite; or

v. Any such penalty as the Disciplinary Committee in the circumstances of the case shall consider appropriate.

e) The Disciplinary Committee shall report its recommendation to the Club Committee in writing within seven working days and the Club Committee shall determine its decision as soon as practicable thereafter.

f) A term of suspension starts from the time that it is pronounced by the Club Committee unless otherwise stipulated and does not expire until the close of the day named in the decision.

g) Every person suspended, expelled or disqualified, or otherwise dealt with, shall be notified in writing by hand or by recorded delivery post within seven working days of the decision.

h) The Club Committee shall, as it sees fit, transfer as many of its duties under the provisions of its Constitution to such Disciplinary Committee as from time to time it shall set up.

i) Appeals - Any person suspended, expelled or disqualified by decision of the Club Committee may appeal against such decision as defined by U.K. Athletics.


a) Club Championships shall be open to all members.

b) Entry fees for Club Championships and Handicap events shall be determined by the Committee and shall be paid prior to the competition.

c) All Club Championship trophies are perpetual trophies and shall be competed for annually or as decided by the Club Committee. All trophies shall be kept safely and in good condition and shall be returned to the Club in good time for the next competition or before that date if so directed by the Club Committee.

d) No member shall receive an award until all financial liability to the Club has been discharged.

e) Club records will only be accepted for performances by first-claim members, or for performances by second-claim members competing as members of Cambridge Harriers.


The Club will operate a Child Protection Policy, copies of which are obtainable from the nominated Child Protection Officer.


In the event of the Club's dissolution its NET assets shall be realised and donated to the Kent County Athletic Association (or its successors in title) for the benefit of athletics in the county of Kent as defined in KCAA Rules, or, if so directed by a two thirds majority of the members in General Meeting, in a manner as the members shall decide.


a) All questions which may arise concerning the Management of the Club or interpretation of these rules shall be decided by the committee.

b) No rule may be made, amended or rescinded except at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General meeting called for that purpose.